We all want to be stronger, leaner, have more energy, sleep better and perform to our best all day, everyday... And if you don't we pose the question 'why not?'.

As nutritionists and coaches here at Body Type Nutrition we believe that being at our physical peak and living in great health is more important than our car, house or cherished music collection. After all we only get one body, and it's our passion to get the most out of it. Feeling great and performing well in life, in the gym, and in our chosen sport means everything to us and the people that we work with.

So, what did we do? We put all the experience and knowledge of BTN's eight coaches into a nutrition system that enables and empowers any individual to reach their physical potential. The Body Type Nutrition System incorporates bespoke assessment of every individual we work with that analyses your body type, calorie and macronutrient needs, goals and physical characteristics, and ties this into a program that combines the theories and science of ancestral nutrition, metabolic typing, sports nutrition and nutrient timing.

What more out of your body? Have goals you want to achieve? Challenge the Body Type Nutrition Team to make you feel, look, and be amazing whether your a busy mum, a competitive athlete, a keen gym goer or someone just looking to be their best.

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Dan Meek's 4-week Testimonial

Posted by DanielMeek on April 15, 2014

Body Type Nutrition Coach Daniel Meek has worked with client Simon Thomas for 4 weeks (our standard one off nutritional plan), here are Simon's thoughts on the 4 week process and an example of the simple, yet powerful results that can be attained in a 4-week BTN program
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