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Body Type Nutrition® is about you and your journey, when you visit us you are becoming part of #TeamBTN, becoming part of our story, part of the fabric that makes us who we are. BTN is all about taking you on a nutritional journey, a journey that empowers, educates, and embraces change.

About Body Type Nutrition®

We want you to be the best version of yourself. We want you to invest in your own education and learn to facilitate the change that you want to see in yourself. It may be that you are here to improve your own health, body composition or performance, or you may be a coach looking to improve your knowledge to empower and inspire others. Whatever journey you are on, we can help.

Body Type Nutrition® (BTN) was created in late 2009 by Ben Coomber, and started life as an online coaching company helping people all over the world with their nutrition. As Ben’s following expanded, and his (BTN’s) results got noticed, demand for BTN’s services grew. Within another year the team grew to 7 expert coaches, and now another 2 years later we’re at 12 coaches, helping people on all things weight loss, muscle gain, health, well-being, performance, prepping for a show, life optimisation, and much more.

Ben then went on to develop the BTN Academy®, a 14 month multi-level online nutrition course aimed to teach personal trainers, coaches, and practitioners and anyone with a curious mind how to coach the BTN way. This has now developed into a professional, in demand online nutrition course that opens it’s doors every 6 months.

BTN is always growing and innovating, both with our team of coaches and with the Academy. Due to the knowledge, compassion and ethos each member of our team embodies, we strive to constantly improve, bringing new theories, ideas, and concepts to the world of fitness. This in turn keeps BTN at the forefront of health and fitness worldwide.

As we have grown we have tried to deliver more exciting and varied forms of education to you, we now deliver 2 yearly conferences, run health, fitness and education retreats in Marbella, Spain, alongside a new knowledge packed Learning Zone with all our latests books, seminars and educational learning ordered at the touch of a button.

BTN is run by a passionate team of people who want the best from their bodies, especially in terms of health, and we hope to inspire you through this passion in our online presence, coaching and teaching.

If you are a personal trainer, coach or practitioner who is considering joining our education programs, visit the BTN Academy®, and our Learning Zone.

If you are an individual looking to lose weight, gain weight, improve your health and or increase your performance then check out our coaching team where you can find out more about our methods, who we all are, and how we coach. If you would like to find out more about the team behind the BTN coaching team please click here.

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