If you want to learn more about nutrition, diet, health, performance, fat loss, and being all-round awesome - then you are in the right place. Here in our Learning Zone you can find audio downloads, video seminars, ebooks, and tools to help you progress with your health and fitness at your own pace. Use our key to identify if a product is audio, video or an ebook, and click through to learn more about each product.

Hardcopy book/Ebook

The Nutritional Blueprint

Don’t want, or can’t afford coaching? More of a do it yourself person? Then The Nutritional Blueprint is the perfect way to DIY your own diet and nutrition. All our years of experience, methods, tools and guidance is in this book to enable you to build your own diet and reach your goals. Read more…

Hardcopy book/Ebook

A Beginners Guide to Lifting Weights

To not feel lost, or stupid, or unsure whether you are doing the right thing for you and your goals. There is an awful lot of information around the internet on weight training in the gym, but most of it is aimed at intermediate and advanced lifters, not anymore. Read more…

Hardcopy book/Ebook

The BTN Cookbook

When we recommend foods to eat and meals to cook to clients, what do we recommend? All the recipes that we give to clients have now been compiled here in the BTN cookbook. In this ebook you will find notes on kitchen skills, as well as snacks, mains, desserts, and much more. And of course, all meals are made with single ingredient foods for maximum health and performance. Read more…

The Sports Nutrition Blueprint

Hardcopy book/Ebook

BTN Sports Nutrition Blueprint

Are you an individual looking to take your nutrition to the next level? Have you read our Nutrition Blueprint and want to advance your diet to support your recovery, performance and body composition even more? Then the Sports Nutrition Blueprint is perfect for you as the athlete, weekend warrior, keen gym goer, or real nutrition geek. This book will teach you all the diet, lifestyle and performance techniques to perform and recover at the highest level. Read more…

Hardcopy book/Ebook

How to be an AWESOME Personal Trainer

Want to be the best possible coach humanly possible? Want more job satisfaction? Want better results with clients? This book is all about making you the best possible practitioner you can possibly be an AWESOME Personal Trainer (or coach, or masseuse, or fitness trainer). Read more…

Intermediates Guide to Lifting


Intermediates guide front cover

Have you been in the gym a while, but lack the results you want? Want to be bigger, stronger and more able? Maybe you’ve used my Beginners Guide to Lifting for 12 weeks and now want to progress beyond that? It’s been 3 months, and you are now ready for the next level. Read more…


10 Ways to be an Awesome Nutrition Coach

Being a great nutrition coach isn’t just about understanding nutrition, that’s the first step, of course, but great nutritionists understand people, the dynamics of the coaching environment, human behaviour, customer service, the laws of attraction, how to get the best out of people, why many coaches fail with those difficult clients and appreciating that every person is different truly. Read more…


How to Build a Brand – 10 Years of Lessons

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 10 years, and I’ve been building my online brand and business’s for 6 years, and I’d like to think I’ve done a solid job… Read more…


How to Build a Diet and be AWESOME – UK tour 2016

Throughout 2016 Ben Coomber toured the whole of the UK delivering his flagship seminar ‘How to Build a diet and be Awesome’… Read more…