For every great company there is a great team of people, and at BTN a lot happens behind the scenes that many often don’t see. This is our chance to showcase and credit the amazing team here at BTN. Get to know the team, get in touch with us if you want to discuss something business related, an issue or an opportunity, or generally hit base with #TeamBTN.

Charlotte Thompson

I started working for BTN around 3 years ago, when Ben asked me to be his PA. As he well knows, I would have literally worked for him for free and it was honestly the best decision I have ever made – both career and lifestyle wise. My role has snowballed, and I now work as a Project Manager, helping to organize parts of the businesses (my desk is like a flight deck) and being an all round mother hen.

Some of you will already know me from my PA days, and am still always around on the end of emails and to answer any questions. At the moment, I predominantly work on the BTN Academy, interacting with students and ensuring things run smoothly and continually implementing improvements. Our customer experience is hugely important to me and I always strive to ensure we give the best service possible and that every person feels valued and part of our growing community.

My journey into this industry began when I started to follow Ben and realized that my health issues might be food related. I contacted Ben, and the rest is really history – I have since worked with Alex Manos and after 30 years of battling my low immunity, testing revealed that I had an autoimmune disease and histamine issues.

My career background was in desktop publishing where I worked in London for 12 years for big corporations. I then had a break to have a family a bit later in life and am the proud mother of two young boys. I work hard and take pride in everything I do, always aiming to be the best I can be. I keep myself and my boys healthy, and endeavor to balance a very busy life with the minimal amount of stress and to take time out to enjoy it. I have loads of interests, such as reading, writing, drawing, music, films, dancing and as my colleagues will tell you – talking and socializing!

Please feel free to drop me a line with anything you need. I will always answer and am happy to hear your feedback on anything BTN related.

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Tom Bainbridge

I’m currently the content manager for the BTN Academy, and I also help out with the organisation and planning of calls, schedules, lesson plans and other education aspects of the learning experience. I make sure that everything we teach is evidence based, and I keep my eye on the latest research in order to update our content, keeping us well ahead of the curve.

Basically, I’m the guy who reads the science stuff and works out how to disseminate the information to Academy students effectively. I also write occasional blogs, articles, ebooks, emails and other free content pieces that we distribute as a company in order to help you on your journey.

At BTN we always talk about people going on a journey, and I think that my story is a prime example of that.

Throughout my teens I was always athletic, competing at a moderate level in track and field as well as dabbling in a little rugby. I finished school in the top 3 in Durham County in the shot, 100 and 200m and went to college to study sports performance in order to pursue my dream of becoming an athletics coach. During this time I started weight training to help improve my performance, and my near obsessive reading of research around the complexities of athletic training and nutrition began.

Towards the end of college I started to develop severe depression due to both hereditary traits and some environmental factors. This caused withdrawal from everything which I enjoyed, left me demotivated and I generally lacked all ambition. I ended up leaving education and working in a large factory, working shifts, earning a reasonable income, just cruising through days and trying to get by. Jump forward a year or so and my depression led into an eating disorder, resulting in my weight plummeting from over 95kg to around 57 at the lowest in the space of a few short months. This dramatic weight loss had huge and long reaching repercussions to my health, which took many years to finally be free of.

After hitting a very low ebb and receiving therapy, I slowly started on the road to recovery and was advised to pick up the weight training I used to enjoy so much.

Because I had spent years researching nutrition and training, I was able to regain weight pretty quickly, and start gaining reasonably large amounts of strength, but my health also completely turned around; I saw first hand how much nutrition and exercise can change your life. The profound effect I was able to achieve with my own health and wellbeing simply by altering my lifestyle was incredible. This was a revelation to me, and I wanted to help others do the same.

This caught the eye of the owner of a local sports nutrition store and I was offered a job advising customers on their training and nutrition, as a customer service aimed at improving long term retention.

This was my first foray into the fitness industry, and I’ve never looked back. I excelled in my role, helping a great number of customers achieve various goals, and eventually used this local following to start personal training to help spread my message. I was noticed for my online presence by Ben and offered a role working for one of his other companies and eventually landed in the awesome position I’m in now.

Since my illness I’ve regained all of the weight I lost and then some, and consider myself an amateur powerlifter, competing occasionally when I manage to avoid injury for long enough. Alongside this I still have an avid interest in nutrition research and can typically be found scouring PubMed, various research reviews and dry, dusty textbooks.

Outside of training, nutrition and work I’m a big music fan, a cat owner, and I spend a lot of my free time writing, reading or with my girlfriend exploring the UK.

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Jack Coomber

Unlike the other BTN coaches, I’m not a nutrition don, or a macro master (although I’m pretty handy, suppose it’s rubbed off on me listening to them all the time). However, like Ben, I’m an avid rugby (and cricket player). After lots of the uni lifestyle, time working abroad in America and generally enjoying my teens/early 20’s a little too much, I had reached a bloated 15 stone. Taking it upon myself realising my health and appearance had slipped I embarked on a training and healthy eating regime that was outlined by Ben Coomber that melted the weight off me to a more suitable 11 stone 8lbs.

This sparked my interest in Ben’s business, methodology and principles within the fitness domain. In a clouded and judgmental market place full of ulterior motives, I kept returning to his content for the simplified and balanced answer to the new questions that I was generating every week on my journey into health and fitness. 

With my degree in Business Studies and doing courses in social media and social marketing I joined Ben to help build his message and reach more people. I have moved through all aspects of the business in my time at BTN so far, but all with the thought process of improving the customer journey and experience. After what was an internship learning all aspects of what BTN is and does, I now sit as Head of Marketing here at BTN, and for everything that Ben Coomber does. If you have any ideas, would like to help us improve what we do, or have an idea for a future event or collaboration – send me an email and I would love to talk to you. 

My other love is craft beer, so feel free to chat beer with me if that’s your thing too… 

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