A non-client

Coached by Simon Herbert

A non-client

Hi Simon,

I just wanted to send an update as promised and to thank you for the advice! So much appreciated.

As a recap I came to your stand on the Saturday SNF expo discussing my fitness pal and how I couldn't seem to shift the holiday pounds!

You told me to stop including the calories burnt in exercise on the app, add 5000 steps a day and you gave me the macro ratio to aim for and to email you in a week for the results.

So after 6 weeks of loosing 1kg (0.2kg at a time! No alcohol) I lost 1.1kg in a week of taking your advice- that included drinking and meal out for our wedding anniversary. On the couple days I went over my calories, I made up for the next day.

Can't believe the difference and will hopefully get to my target in 1-2 weeks.

Many thanks again, if you need any endorsements on social media or offline marketing, please just say the word