A Testimonial

Coached by Alex Manos

A Testimonial

Before working with Alex I had suffered with psoriasis and a bloated stomach for so long I had accepted it as a part of me. I was lucky in the sense that my psoriasis was in places you couldn't see when I had clothes on but my permanently hard and bloated lower stomach would ruin my confidence and dictate how I dressed and how I carried my body with the goal of hiding it.

After the initial consultation phase and tests Alex put together a program that involved lifestyle, nutrition, training and supplement changes that targeted the gut. I saw positive changes were happening after the first couple of weeks. My rashes angry bright red colour had softened, I was dropping body fat easier than ever before and although I was never really suffering from acne my skin was looking much more vibrant and healthy. Fast forward four months and the rashes that would never disappear have gone; my stomach no longer makes me look pregnant and my confidence is growing.

Alex's phenomenal knowledge combined with his personality makes him an exceptional coach. He excels at putting you at ease, delivering the information in manner that you will understand and most importantly getting results. I have and will continue to recommended Alex to family and friends.

Thank you Alex "The Magician" Manos