Adrian Deeks

Coached by Ben Coomber

Adrian Deeks

Over the past couple of years I have worked damn hard to improve my health and body composition and doing first Insanity, and with greater success P90X I have been able to do a pretty decent job of achieving this, but was getting to the point where I could no longer improve.

The missing link for me was nutrition and at that time I was on the receiving end of so much conflicting information – should I up the carbs and cut the fat to build a better healthier body, or should I do an ‘Atkins’ and lose the fat, but will that affect my workouts, not to mention my long term health.

I tentatively decided that I should invest some time and money on getting some advice from a sports nutritionist so where to look? Google of course which is what I did and I found Ben Coomber and Body Type Nutrition.

I immediately liked what I saw, the blogs were great and resonated with me immensely as the approach to nutrition made so much sense to me and agreed with my feeling that the government promoted low fat high carb diet was totally the wrong way to go for me (and for just about anyone else for that matter).

My reluctance at the time was that I thought it was aimed for elite athletes and not some mid 40’s guy wanting to lose the beer belly from a life time of over indulgence but over the course of a couple of emails with Ben he convinced me that this could work for me so I took the plunge.

This was back in October 2012 and now in June 2013 the difference has exceeded my wildest dreams – sounds exaggerated, corny or whatever but the results have been AWESOME (sorry Ben I had to nick your tag for that one).

My aim was to get a six pack for the holiday coming up in a couple of weeks’ time, but I did not seriously think that was achievable given my stubborn refusal to go all out and give up all the fun stuff in my life as I am partial to the odd tipple J However I have the six pack, not in full splendor (yet) but pretty much there and I should really send a bill to Ben as he has cost me a fortune in new clothes as my old clobber is just way too big for me now.

I also feel a heck of a lot better, now, better energy as well as looking good (for a middle aged old git like me anyway) I still need to get the sleep nailed, that has not been the unqualified success that the rest has been but am sure with Ben’s help I will get there in the end.

So would I recommend BTN to any of my friends and family... ‘Hell Yeah!!’