Ali Roskell

Coached by Carl Greenslade

Ali Roskell

Ali Roskell 37

I had been coming to the gym at least twice a week for a 1 1/2 hour session, walking at least 20,000 steps every day  and also following weightwatchers for about a year - I had lost more than 2 stone initially but had put on a few pounds and couldn't shift them - I wasn't doing anything differently, but I couldn't understand why it wasn't working anymore, I mean, they all say that going to the gym twice a week should make a difference, I was doing double the number of steps we're told to aim for .... and I was quite active, especially compared to some of my friends, so I couldn't work out where I was going wrong!

One day, I was in the middle of a session when I was approached by Carl, who offered me a pt taster session - I had been thinking about getting a personal trainer as I knew that I needed some extra help if I was ever going to meet my goals, so I thought - 'why not!'.  We went through some exercises and also talked about nutrition - I thought I had been doing it right as I was following weightwatchers, but it wasn't entirely true, as the advice that Carl gave me did make sense.

I decided to sign up for 12 weeks with Carl to see where it would get me. My goal is to be a healthy BMI and a good example to my family, especially my 3 young children.

At the beginning, I was training twice a week, including once with Carl. Gradually this increased, first to 5 to 7 hours a week but has now reduced to 4 weights sessions a week, following routines that I've had set by Carl, PT sessions and classes - and I really enjoy it!

I changed the way I eat to follow the advice that Carl gave me - I really enjoy eating this way - mainly whole, single ingredient foods - since starting training with Carl, I have lost 36 lbs and 20 cm from my waist! - this is the most weight I've ever lost in 1 go before and probably the healthiest way! 

I do slip up though and could probably be at my goal if I was more disciplined.  My biggest downfalls are not being prepared enough food wise and getting enough sleep - but I'm working on these!

I feel much stronger (both emotionally and physically) and healthier than I was, I have been spurred on by the compliments that I have received from other people, especially the other parents at the school gate!
I set myself a number of challenges in the last year, firstly running the manchester 10k and then a couple of months later I did tough mudder, after which I felt truly awesome! (I signed up for 2015 months ago!) Then in September I ran the English half marathon in 2 hrs 10 mins, how amazing is that - I'm not far from 40yrs old and up until 18 months ago, I could barely run!  I can deadlift 90kg, squat 67kg and bench press 45kg. Wow, how did that happen!! feel like I'm living my life how I'm meant to now and I feel more alive than I did in my twenties!