Coached by Alex Manos


Before becoming a client of Alex's, I had digestive health problems for most of my adult life and had been trying to lose weight for about 10 years but no matter what I did, nothing was working. I had followed most diets religiously, was working out 6 days a week with weights and cardio, tried low calorie, low carb etc but nothing helped.

I have seen about 10 GPs, been checked over several times in hospital, had a BUPA health check, worked with one of their nutritionists, worked with a personal trainer and nutritionist but still no movement in my weight. I was about 50 pounds over weight so could not accept this was the way I was meant to be. My weight was an obsession and my main focus until peaking to Alex when he focused on my health and said the weight loss would take care of itself in time.

I have always felt I was in expert hands with Alex, he has such a reassuring manner that helped me to feel calm and trust his system. He recommended tests and appropriate supplements and it was great to finally find some measurable issues we could fix. I can honestly say I have never felt better in my life, finally I feel awesome, as Ben would say!

A major thing for me is that this is not just physically but mentally. I had had a really bad relationship with my self image for years and Alex made everything about my health and wellness and this enabled me to stop hating myself and start loving myself. I no longer experience stress responses that ruin my days, I feel well in a way I didn't know was achievable.

I have lost 25lbs to date and I am the lightest I have been in years. I can not thank him enough for his help on my journey, he has revolutionised my life.