Bill Hopkins

Coached by Stephen Aish

Bill Hopkins

I didn't quite discover Stephen when I was in the dark, I had started to realise that something was a miss in my life.

He made a post one day, that just seemed to be perfect time perfect place.

The reality was that i was just in the RIGHT frame of mind to recognise it!!

So I reached out to the quiet unassuming Stephen Aish.

His post spoke to me and as an athlete it grabbed my attention!!

We spoke on the phone for about 40 minutes he seemed to read my mind about what and why I was suffering.

So I had to meet the man, which I did!

He turned my world upside down, or it felt like it!

But what he actually did was help me to remove my mask and allow my true self to come to the fore.

This allows me to be a better coach and connect at such a deeper level

My personal happiness has improved, my compassion and love for others has started to shine through.

I can barely contain the joy I have for life.

And most importantly my self belief grows every single day.