Bob Thornton

Coached by Ben Coomber

Bob Thornton

Bob's story is awesome, I'm going to let him tell it, but first this is how Bob started out...

Bob Thornton, 39, Senior Warden (residential College) and gym instructor.

I reached my 39th birthday and weighed over 20 stone. I had tried all of the Governments advice regarding healthy eating but nothing seemed to work. I just stayed really overweight, no matter how much I trained and ate whole grains etc. I was also quite frequently ill and suffered chronic heartburn after eating.

So, just after the New year I looked on the My Protein forums for advice and instantly found an article by Ben, 'January Fitness Funk: Two Strategies for a New-New Year Plan'. I really didn't want to be hitting my 40th birthday overweight and ill so I decided to take his advice and give it a go.

I got great results instantly. The weight started to drop off, my heartburn and need for tablets disappeared over night and I started to feel better and better. However, I still had a huge amount of questions regarding diet, training, lifestyle and realised I had only just scratched the surface of it all. Ben was extremely helpful on the forums in giving out answers to questions but I still wanted to know more, so I signed up with him at Body Type Nutrition, recieved my personalised plan and as time went on, answers to all of my questions.

Now, less than a year later, I am just over 16 stone. I am fitter than I can ever remember being and feel really good about myself. All of this has been made possible with Ben's help, knowledge and expertise. If you are really serious about making a difference to your life and want to be healthier, happier and fitter then Ben holds the key.

Ben's comment: I think you will agree that Bob's story is awesome, and look how good he now looks, well done Bob, I might have provided the tools but you made it happen, inspirational.