Daniel Lewis

Coached by Ben Coomber

Daniel Lewis

When I began training, I was 66kgs. My priority was to pack on weight and strength, with little regard to how I looked. Rather predictably, I ended up fat and in poor shape, reaching 90kgs.

Having discovered BTN on Facebook, I started following many of the free hints and tips that were given out. They started to make a difference, but a massive overhaul was needed.  I made the decision to sign up with the Body Type Nutrition System.

Within a couple of days, I received an extensive questionnaire which I completed and returned. I was contacted to discuss my answers, and by the start of the next week, I had received my plan.

What I received was a very detailed, entirely personal “plan of attack”, alongside a standardised set of documents included with all packs which provided a very in-depth explanation of some of the theories and concepts, as well as many general hints and tips applicable to all for good health. For me, this was perfect as it provided both the plan that I needed, and the education to help me understand the strategies behind my plan.

Sticking to the plan rigidly, the fat started to fall off me whilst my strength and power remained. My overall health was improved and I woke up every day feeling awesome.

Ben was always available for discussions and tweaks – and more often than not it was him chasing me to get in touch, rather than me fighting for his attention.  No question was too much, and every answer was well thought through and explained.

I reached a point in my training and weight loss where the fat loss part stalled (having had fantastic progress). At this point I had a lengthy Skype consultation with Ben and a new plan of attack was devised. Whilst the emphasis on health remained, the macro requirements changed entirely. Again, fat started to fall off and I reached a point in my fat loss where I was very very happy – around the 7-8% mark at 75kgs.

Between then and now, I have continued to implement much of the information Ben gave me, but I’ve kept the calories higher to keep growing.  My body fat has now reached 14%, but I have considerably more muscle mass than when I started, currently weighing in at 92kgs.

Now that Body Type Nutrition has many more coaches, I am returning for a new highly specialised plan to make the most of my new training style and I’m looking forward to documenting my progress.

I have recommended Body Type Nutrition to many others. A family member signed up and lost 12 kgs in 10 weeks. His health improved dramatically, and he continues to use what he learnt from Ben to keep the weight off.

I could not recommend the services of Ben and Body Type Nutrition enough. More than just a nutrition coach, Ben is a good guy who goes out of his way to help his clients.