Coached by Simon Herbert


Simon Says

Elena first came to me in November looking for a coach, we had a discussions about how we could move forward together. Like many clients who come to me wanting to get in shape as their main goal, I felt we needed to focus on Elena’s health a little more than body-composition.

I was honest and upfront and Its always hard to tell a client that we need to focus on the exact opposite of what they feel they actually want at that moment in time. However Elena trusted my professionalism and was ready for a change and to wholeheartedly put her trust in me as her coach. Elena wasn't really eating what I would describe as enough food to support her health, training and work. Her body was huge demands of stress, she was taking 6-7+ hours of spin each week, with some days doubling up on 2 hour sessions, I felt our coaching start point was to fuel the body initially and deal with any stress related issues.

Elena stuck with me 100% and after a number of slow months of increasing calories and supporting her health, we have made awesome progress. Elena’s body is changing weekly, more than double the initial food is being consumed and Elena has lots more energy these days to support her work and training lifestyle.

Elena is in such a good place right now and has been an absolute diamond to work with, taking on board everything I have advised, putting all her trust in me. Now we have focused on the health aspects of Elena’s coaching, we are now working towards her body compositional goals over the next few months. More updates to come soon.

Elena says

When it came to choosing a coach back in November there was never a doubt in my head who I wanted to be mine. And I'm so glad I made this choice. Simon has been absolutely amazing! He's been my coach for the past 7 months and has completely changed my life around!

I know he's always there to support and guide me not only when it comes to my training and nutrition but to so many other aspects of my life! I'm so much more confident, healthier and stronger than ever! My lifts have increased drastically and I no longer feel weak or hungry!!!

I know that if I have any doubt about anything - he's there for me!!! So thank you for everything Simon! You have been my rock!!!