Gareth Morgan

Coached by Simon Herbert

Gareth Morgan

Why I started BTN

I started a desk job and was working long days with high stress and needed an outlet. I came across cross-fit and joined up. I had some noticeable improvements during workouts but I felt that my diet was holding me back. This I believe has been the case for me throughout my life. I had always been reasonably 'fit' and have done a variety of activities - but I have noticed that I could not make any significant fitness/physique change to my body. I also notice that if I increase the frequency that I train/exercise I would get more and more tired/ and perform poorly. I think this was due to the development of some digestive/eczema issues when I was 14/15.

I had seen some other nutritionist in the past, but I was always told to 'try and tolerate some milk' or have some 'brown bread' etc. Nothing ever worked and I lost faith in nutritionists and their conflicting views.

After listening to Ben's Podcast's it’s reaffirmed to me that I still had digestive issues. He also seemed to know what he was talking about having experienced wheat and dairy sensitivities. I decided that I was going to sign up to BTN and sort my digestion and skin issues for good and while I was at it sort my physique out and hopefully get stronger and eventually shredded. I also I needed help sorting out what I should eat, when I should eat it and how much.

Enter Coach Simon Herbert

I called up BTN and was directed to Simon Herbert. I was really excited to work with him as it seemed that he to had experienced digestive issues. We begun work straight away with a no nonsense approach. I found that by having a coach to report to I felt accountable and stuck to the plans. We started off on an elimination diet where we identified trigger foods and removed them. In addition to this we started building in some macros. During this process I also realized that perhaps crossfit wasn't the best for me and decided to adopt a more traditional gym approach.

I have had more success working with Simon than I ever have had on my own. Although I may not be shredded at the moment. I am sleeping better, more energized, my skin issues are almost resolved, I feel happier and I am noticing constant improvement in the gym.

He has been instrumental in dispelling myths and informing me about nutrition and has been fantastic coach. I no longer get stressed out or frustrated with my diet as I finally feel I am on the right path. I have just started a personalised workout plan with Simon and I am already noticing the difference again. Whatever your goals are, whether weight loss, optimised health of fitness I would always recommend getting you a coach. They will hold you accountable, guide you and save you time and money (and your health) in the log term.

I wouldn't trust any other company with my nutrition other than BTN and its coaches. I would highly recommend.