Graeme Bryne

Coached by Ben Coomber

Graeme Bryne

graeme beforegraeme after

Graeme is a great success story, someone we initially only worked with short term before the start of his new football season where we got him an extra 8lb leaner than he was expecting, but we will now work with him throughout the rest of the season on a few other goals.

At the beginning Graeme had a few key goals in mind:

  1. Lose a stone in 6 weeks before pre season training & be the fittest at training
  2. Feel more energised to train
  3. Increased leg strength & stability after a knee injury
  4. Stay fit when I turn 30 and make sure I'm not heading downhill but uphill
  5. Learn eating habits that will serve me & my family well for the future as I have young kids
  6. See my abs again :)

So although Graeme is not huge, he admits definitely let himself go over the summer and was struggling to get back into shape with his current eating and training regime around working and having a new family. This is where we stepped in, and this is the process we underwent with Graeme at the outset of him coming to us:

  • Got his metabolic type assessed and used this as his basis for diet plan
  • Designed a metabolic weight based training program based on 4 hours training a week
  • Taught him the importance of the right food choices for him and how to construct lunch while at work
  • Found replacements for bad habits that were causing increased weight gain
  • Made sure he made time to prepare the right things for work

A few words from Graeme:

"I followed the diet plan and advice to the letter in the first week and really glad I did because I lost 6lbs in the 1st week, which resulted in increased motivation to carry on as such great results were seen so quickly. The girlfriend noticed results in the 1st week so obviously something good was happening. I didn't think I would enjoy the diet but took really well to it, perhaps because it was teaching me new ways of doing things."

"Best of all I was getting fit very quick, and now training with who I considered the fittest in the football club within 2 weeks. It was really nice to feel the jeans lose in such a short period of time, and to see a slim face in the mirror staring back. I will be the first to admit that I didn't think it was possible to get fit this quickly, I mean I've lost 22lb in 6 weeks, am in the front when training at football and don't even feel like reaching for the bad stuff as I always did, great to have no cravings. I'll admit if anything I look a bit of a nob as I haven't bought any new jeans yet and the others are looking very baggy!"

"What I've achieved is awesome, and can't thank you enough. Good think is I'm hoping some of the other players take what I've been doing on board as then the whole team will benefit as a result. First pre season game went really well and I ran the other centre midfielder ragged, glad I won't be spending the rest of the season in defence but still running around with the young uns. All in all this is the best money I've spent in a while."