Kate Morris

Coached by Polly Thng

Kate Morris

When I first started working with Polly I felt fat, frustrated and as if I was letting myself down. I had committed to Crossfit but I wasn't seeing any changes in my body because my nutrition was nowhere near as good as I knew it could be. I knew I wasn't fuelling my body properly and it left me feeling physically and mentally fatigued.

My 'before' photos were a shock. I knew I had neglected myself but not to those extremes. I knew I had to change.

At first I was apprehensive about working with Polly, even though I already had a good idea of nutrition I was worried I'd have to do things my body or brain wasn't ready to do.

Polly was reassuring, positive and gave me achievable goals I could work to every week. It was small, manageable steps that I could incorporate into my busy life and I thrived on her feedback, positivity and knowledge.

I committed to training 3 times a week and improving my nutrition, sleep, general activity while all along having food that made me feel amazing. This, I'm happy to say, included vegetables, wide ranges of protein, curly wurlys and red wine!

The photos are proof of the physical progress I have made but the biggest changes and the most progress I have made, cannot be seen. I feel amazing, better than I ever have done. My body has changed so much and my mentality and mindset is now one of 'this FEELS good and so I'm not willing to stop.'

I cannot recommend Polly enough. She understands food, macros, hormones, sleep, the body, the mind and the importance of balance and moderation. With her help I am now set up to keep on working to change my body (not drop lbs and lbs) in a way that makes me feel amazing.

Thank you Polly