Kirsty Gibson

Coached by Simon Herbert

Kirsty Gibson

Simon says:

I want to share the AWESOME progress Kirsty has made over a few short months, I love transformations like this as we are not just focusing on body composition and how "lean" we can actually get a client, in a short space of time. But more on how we can make the changes that really matter in life.

If we can't educate a client to make better food choices, understand where they're going wrong and how to put steps in place to make these changes sustainable for the long term, then the affects are generally short lived.

Kirsty now understands how to eat to support her health with real food, where the food choices Kirsty was making before might not have been the best choices, Kirsty now knows that eating healthy doesn't have to be a limiting factor in her day to day life, nor does it have to be boring which means life doesn't have to be put on hold, its all down to sensible food choices, moderation and a littl nudge in the right direction.

Kirsty is very modest, the hard work that has been put in over a few short months is phenomenal, what Kirsty didn't tell you is how hard she has worked, Kirsty is a wife who has a young boy and also works in a very busy local coffee shop where she is always rushed off her feet. Kirsty has never missed a session, never moaned and just got her head down. Kirsty has listened to everything I advised, and bossed all her sessions with commitment.

Kirsty also Deadlifts and Squats more than the average gym goer and only after a few months of coaching. Currently with Personal Bests of 75kg Squat, 75kg Deadlift and 35kg military press.

Kirsty also had the onset of type 2 diabetes when she first started working with me. Since stepping through the Gym door, making sensible food choices and turning those stepping stones into a path, Kirsty has had the all clear from her GP and no longer has any health issues hanging over her head.

Kirsty says:

"Im not very good at writing about my self but here goes...

Before I started I lacked and struggled with energy levels and I felt constantly tired, I had no self confidence to walk through the door to the gym and didn't feel brave enough to do anything about it, but with the help of Simon and some health issues I had, I managed to do it.

Now I feel amazing, feeling fitter and able to do more and enjoy more of my training sessions, Simon, you helped me over come my barriers".