Coached by Alex Manos


I contacted Alex last winter having suffered with gut issues and acne for a number of years. Before getting in touch with Alex id made great progress all round by making changes to my diet and using lots of different supplements over the years. However as good as things had been going I was still getting the odd outbreak on my skin and my gut still occasionally caused me trouble.

Due to my previous efforts in trying to recover Alex immediately recommended a stool analysis to get to the bottom of things once and for all, rather than continue spending more money without knowing 100% what i was treating.

The results came back showing that i still had some degree of gut dysbiosis even after years of using probiotics. i had undetectable levels of lactobaciluus group, Alex then gave me a personalised supplement program to help correct this, which i am still using now. I am aware it is a long process but i am now confident i am nearly over my issues, my skin has never looked better in my life and my gut causes me little trouble at all. Even when I've had slight setbacks Alex has always reassured me and kept me focused, he doesn't take unnecessary drastic action and keeps things simple which really helped me out, i know now that if am patient and continue with what i am doing i will finally beat these issues.

I couldn't recommend Alex highly enough, he was always understanding and his positive attitude to getting you healthier fills you with confidence. The testing can be expensive but Alex was always cautious of this and as much as i was wanting more and more testing he was keen to stress that i would be better saving my money and keeping things simple, i really admire his honesty for this and I always feel working with Alex his number one priority was improving my health which is awesome to see somebody so passionate for what they do.

I also had the privilege of attending the body type nutrition conference in November last year prior to working with Alex, his knowledge is mind blowing! If i ever have issues in the future i wont hesitate to contact Alex!