Naomi Buglass

Coached by Ben Coomber

Naomi Buglass

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Where to start… my passion for fitness started in 2007 when my boyfriend suggested I started lifting weights. From there I did a lot of research on nutrition and training via websites and blogs. I carried out my level 1&2 fitness instructors course and a foundation degree in physical activity and health.

Before I started working with Ben I had what I thought was a fair bit of knowledge on fitness and nutrition however there was something missing as I was just not developing or changing from my own prescribed programs and nutrition plans. I was having problems with my hormones and moods which I had been going to the doctors about for a few months. After listening to a few of Ben's podcasts and learning more about him and his methods I decided I wanted to contact him and see if he was willing to take on another client.

In May 2013 Ben and I started our journey, I had discussed with him that I had entered into a fitness model competition in October 2013 but first I wanted to concentrate on my health and my hormones; this is exactly what we did. After a few months or working closely together on my diet and getting my health up to scratch I then decided I wanted to continue with my competition. Ben helped we during my comp prep for the Miami Pro UK Championships. He applied me with my programs and exactly what macros and calories I needed to keep my body going without jeopardising my health.

I want to thank Ben for all he has done, thank you for teaching me to listen to my body correctly, know what it wants and understand when I need that rest. I want to thank him for his time and patients and for being supportive and most of all for coming to my big day; which by the way I won. It was the best feeling ever and I look forward to continuing my journey within the fitness industry using the knowledge I have learnt from Ben. Thank you for everything.