Philip Lear

Coached by Stephen Aish

Philip Lear

Even though I've know Stephen for a few years as he is my Kettlebell coach, I was a little sceptical at first about his Mindset Course. I've been teaching Taekwon-Do for 20 years and have unfortunately had to deal with the politics that involve the Martial Arts for much of that time. A few things had built up in my head over the last year and I was struggling to deal with some issues, decision making, family life, my business and certain individuals who seemed out of jealousy determined to threaten my reputation.

I spent a day at Stephen's house and we went through everything, I soon realised that I was just looking at things in the wrong way. He spent time listening to what my issues were and in fact I ended up realising that many of the things I was concerned about were totally out of my control, have happened in the past or "could" happen. He helped me to understand that the way we have processed things as children growing up have been wrong and it was all about accepting that I had just got things wrong.

After the course I had a few people in my classes coming up to me asking what I had changed as I seemed a different person in the way I was day to day and seemed really positive about everything and happy.

One thing that will stick with me forever is the thought that we spend so much time looking after our health by exercising, yet we spend absolutely no time on our mind by ‘innercising’.

This is a great course that will change the way you think forever.

Master Philip Lear
6th Degree ITF Taekwon-Do Instructor
England Taekwon-Do Head Coach
Ex European and World Taekwon-Do Champion
Multiple British, English Taekwon-Do Champion