Rachel Mullard Wilson

Coached by Polly Thng

Rachel Mullard Wilson

I had been battling with my weight since the birth of my daughter in 2009, however I never took it that seriously until the last year or so. I loved riding my bike and training hard for this but unfortunately it never had a positive impact on my weight or body composition.

I always enjoyed the off season strength training and found this to have positive results and made the decision to explore this more. After finding BTN online I took the decision to go on the female only training camp in June 2015. Something very out of my depth and comfort zone (or so I felt). After attending this and enjoying the experience I decided I wanted more and to see results and after chatting with Ben and Stephen I signed up to a long term nutrition plan.

After a few emails with Polly and a skype conversation I decided that the long term nutrition plan was the way forward. The signing up process online was easy and then I received all my paperwork via Dropbox. After filling in all the forms, providing the details needed Polly provided me with a macro plan to follow.

During the process I have learnt a great deal about how to manage my daily eating, and how to make my diet up of healthy clean foods. I have never really felt that I have been denying myself foods that I really want, and I have never got to a point of feeling really hungry. I now try to ensure that I give my body daily good foods, plenty of water and adequate sleep.

There are still times I want cake and I never totally deny myself something, and I do not beat myself up if I stray slightly, I just get back on track, re-focus and remind myself why I am going this.

When I see the pictures of my journey and lift big weights in the gym this gets me straight back on it.my squat statistics have gone from barely being able to squat with 40kg on my back at the beginning to now being able to squat 90kg ( & rising!) for sets of 4x reps which I really proud of.

After being with Polly for a month or so I then added the training element to my package. This really go me kicked started into lifting regularly. My strength has developed hugely especially in squats. The regular skype calls with Polly have been really motivating and I work well knowing I have someone to be answerable to. Her guidance throughout has be invaluable.

I am learning that in is not all about the scale weight. I did see this drop initially but now I am getting stronger the weight loss is less but I feel that my body composition has changed a great deal.

I now love weight training, and enjoy feeling good after eating good food. I want to progress with my strength work and changing my body composition and once I am happy with my strength gains I will look to then drop my weight more.