Sarah Frankish

Coached by Carl Greenslade

Sarah Frankish

Sarah Frankish 29

I was introduced to Carl by a good friend after a session putting the world to rights.  I’d had a relatively rough year that involved several relocations and hadn’t spent much time thinking about, or focussing on myself, and I wanted to get back to looking and feeling good again. I started training once a week with Carl in April 2015, with three additional sessions in the gym by myself each week. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made! I’ve never been afraid of exercise or the gym, and by nature I tend to give everything my all, but actually, despite the overwhelming amount of health and fitness information available out there, without some direction I wouldn’t have had the first idea about what to do to see tangible results.
In the space of 5 months, I can honestly say that I got quite a shock when I saw how much I'd changed in so short a space of time. I’m more than proud of what Carl’s helped me to achieve (looking killer in a little black dress for one thing!), I feel good about myself again and I probably feel more confident than I ever have.

Carl makes everything really straightforward; he gives you a plan to work towards and listens to what you want to achieve, so that with your direction, he can help you to make real changes.  If you stick to his advice, ask him when you’re not sure and generally throw yourself into it 100% then the results can be remarkable.  He’s been really supportive, he’s never overbearing and he gives clear advice. More importantly, he places emphasis on why it’s important to change something, not only from an exercise point of view, but also from a lifestyle perspective, so that the results are for the long term. He also does everything with a smile and lots of encouragement. 

I can’t recommend him highly enough and I am now completely addicted to training!