Simon Herbert

Coached by Stephen Aish

Simon Herbert

When I first heard Stephen Aish was coming on board with body type Nutrition, I won’t lie there was a few things running through my mind, was this just another lifestyle coaching element that we have all seen before or was there something different to Stephens approach’s.

After speaking a little more with Stephen it was apparent he was extremely dedicated, passionate and god damn GOOD at what he does, this sparked me to look at my own life, how I thought, how I felt and how I approached things in general, so I made a trip to the other end of the country to pay him a private visit.

I was blown away, after spending 4 hours with Stephen, everything seemed clear again. I realised that I get so enthralled in how much I have to do, spending too much time thinking how to do it, instead of taking life day by day and prioritising daily tasks in a level of importance. I actually missed living every day because my mind was elsewhere, thinking about things that may never happen or things that were out of my control.

Since seeing Stephen I have realised that I am human just like everyone else, that no matter how strong you think you are, at some point you will carry a burden with you that you don’t need. We all struggle with the same barriers, self sabotage, self insecurities and self worry.

To overcome all those barriers you have to accept change and that you need showing the ropes again. Once you are ready to accept a little outside help, life is going to become easy and so much clearer.

Only then can you actually start to live every day.