Coached by Simon Herbert


I have always been into fitness, in sept 2012 I decided to lose the remaining baby fat after the birth of my son Jayden. For a while I had been toying with the idea of competing, but I had no idea of how to transform my skinny/fat physique into that of a lean muscular one, yet alone how to get show ready. I spoke with Simon briefly on how I should move forward. Simon was honest and upfront and it was then my journey really started and we joined forces, I wanted to get stage ready.

Simon assessed my current state and put together a bespoke nutrition and training plan. We spoke regularly, we discussed progress, how to tweak/manipulate the plans when necessary and Simon gave me the accountability and coaching I needed to stay on track. I was actually surprised how much I was eating, yet how good I was looking. I always thought that I had to eat plain foods and wasn't allowed to eat like normal people. I was so wrong, when Simon planned all macronutrients and told me I could have my favourite pancakes for breakfast and still eat out with friends and family, I did think he was teasing me at first. He explained everything we did with detail, I found the whole process more calming than I expected.

In 2014, I competed in my first ever competition and took 1st place in my category, this earned me a world champion Pro title.

After this I focused on my university whilst still working with Simon to maintain my physique and condition, at times I felt I could easily slip, uni work was stressing me out, Simon kept me on track and gave me the accountability I needed to get through. I then Injured my back in the gym and for the last few months Simon has referred me to a physio, worked closely with us both and has put some valuable approaches in place to help me over come my back problem. Now with my university work completed, and my back on the mend, we are now focusing on muscular development and my lifting technique to achieve a better overall package for later this year where I plan to hit the stage again.

Without Simon's knowledge, guidance and patience I would have never had the physique or confidence to realise my dream of competing and win a title that I could only have dreamt of, let alone place 1st on my first ever competition. So I can’t thank Simon enough, Simon is an excellent coach and I would recommend him highly.