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Learn about nutrition from anywhere in the world with our industry leading, practically driven online nutrition courses. Get the knowledge and get qualified with The BTN Academy

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Get in the best shape of your life and sustain it with our 90 day body and mind transformation program with Ben Coomber. It's so much more than a diet and training plan

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Come and see us in person. Here you will find Ben Coomber's seminars for 2018 and events we will be speaking and showcasing at. Plus recommended events from other companies

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We believe that learning about nutrition is a life skill. It can make you lose weight, build muscle, energise you, improve your sleep, physical performance and recovery, and much more. And that is our passion here at Body Type Nutrition, change through the power of nutrition, health and fitness.

Since 2009, we’ve been changing bodies and minds with online coaching, since 2013 we’ve been educating coaches and personal trainers through our online nutrition courses. That means, to date, we’ve helped thousands of people transform themselves and the lives of others. We can help you to do the same.

At BTN there are no quick fixes, no fad diets and no unsupported theories; just real world, research supported advice to help you and those around you make incredible changes. We always focus on the person, their goals, their journey and what it means for that person to live at their very best. Whether you are into your nutrition, health or performance journey, whether you’re a coach or just someone looking to make changes, take the time to explore how we can help you. Start your BTN journey today…

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