Our history

Body Type Nutrition® ,aka BTN, was created in late 2009 by Ben Coomber after his fight from obesity and ill health. His journey inspired him to then change career paths and teach as many people as humanly possible about the power of nutrition, as it had literally changed his life. Initially this was done through becoming a nutritionist and coach himself and doing 1-2-1 coaching but as Ben’s following expanded and his and BTN’s results got noticed, demand for BTN’s services grew. This led to the creation of Fat Loss for Life, a highly sought after online group coaching program. Later this passion to teach others developed into creating the BTN Academy, our online nutrition course which now teaches coaches from all over the world how to coach others and be nutritionists.

Our overview

Our vision

We want you to be the best version of yourself. We want you to invest in your own education and learn to facilitate the change that you want to see in yourself. It may be that you are here to improve your own health, body composition or performance, or you may be a coach looking to improve your knowledge to empower and inspire others. Whatever journey you are on, we can help.

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Group coaching

This is your chance to work with me, Ben Coomber, for the next 8 weeks and completely change the way you look, feel and perform. Are you ready to burn fat, build muscle, change your habits and get into the best shape you’ve been in for years... And maintain it? Then fat loss for life is for you!

Fat Loss for Life

The Body Type Nutrition Academy

The BTN Academy® is a multi-level online nutrition course, which now incorporates stand-alone business modules for coaches. Learn from anywhere in the world and understand nutrition at a deep level with our research based, but practically driven nutrition courses. From the basic to the advanced, with our 24/7 support, we’ll support you in your nutrition education.

BTN Academy

Other exciting stuff

We also like to do ‘in person’ events so you can get to know us and learn up close and personal with us. Throughout the year we run events, retreats, seminars and work with other companies to do some cool stuff. Find out what’s on our schedule this year and come meet us and learn.

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