Intakes: Complete a module anytime
Cost: From £12.50


A modular business course for coaches to upskill in the areas of marketing, client care, building a gym, social media, client retention, business management, public speaking, and more.

Each BTN Business Academy module is available for individual sale and can be enrolled on at any time. With each module you will receive a detailed recorded webinar or video on the topic, detailed notes, and action based to do’s to ensure you optimise and action that area of your business.

As a coach or personal trainer it is no longer enough just to know about nutrition, training and lifestyle management, you need to know how to run your business, market your services, and improve the experience of your clients working with you. Pick and choose the module you want to learn, and simply learn.

Course syllabus

Our BTN Business Academy modules span a wide range of topics, all with the aim of improving your understanding of running your fitness business, and having a thriving and rewarding business. If you have been through the process of learning about nutrition, training, movement and mindset to enhance the results your clients get, it is now time to enhance your business understanding so your coaching business truly thrives. 

In the BTN Business Academy you can learn anything from social media marketing, to building and running a gym, to building a website and optimising your on-site SEO. All BTN Business Academy modules are £25.00, with Foundation Academy students getting 25% off all modules, and Practical Academy students getting 50% off. 

Download our full course brochure to see the full extent of the modules we teach. Come September 2017 the Business Academy will be launched via our new mobile app.

How does the course work?

The BTN Business Academy consists of standalone modules that you can buy and learn from at your leisure, anytime, anywhere. These modules encompass all aspects of business from dealing with your clients to social media marketing.

Course tutors


BSc in Sports Performance and Coaching
CISSN (Certified Sports Nutritionist)
Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor
CHEK Life Coach and Nutritionist
CHEK Practitioner
Multiple short courses and seminars attended on specialist topics


Introduction to the Course
Business 101
Business 102
Systemisation and Optimisation,
Building Yourself as a Brand
Website Development and Email Marketing
Social Media Strategy
Public Speaking


Diet, health, fitness and stress
Coach/PT advanced education
Performance nutrition and supplementation
Body re-composition
Gut health
Personal and professional mindset help
Mentoring on being self-employed/business owner


Free Social Media Marketing
Paid Marketing
Social Media Strategy


Social media


Body Type Nutrition Certified Coach
Level 3 Personal Trainer (Bodylogic)
Diploma in Sports and Performance Nutrition (Oxford University)
Level 3 Nutrition (Bodylogic)
Certified Advanced PT
Certified Pad work PT
Black belt 2nd dan KickBoxing Instructor with ISKA
Multiple short courses and seminars attended on specialist topics
Working towards UKSCA Strength and conditioning Coach
Working towards CISSN, Sports and Exercise Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition


Energy balance and rates of loss and gain
Tracking and monitoring body composition
Effective online coaching
Nutritional considerations for making weight
Intermittent fasting


Improving overall health
Getting fit
Increasing energy
Increasing vitality
Improving body composition
Bodybuilders, physique competitors and bikini athletes
Boxers, Kickboxers, Thai boxers, MMA and grappling athletes


BSC in Sports Science and MSc in Sports Performance


Reading research
The stages of change
Weight loss barriers
Effective consultations
Motivational interviewing
Eating disorders in fitness – your role


Client psychology
The process of change
Scientific analysis


BSc (Hons) Psychology
MSc Strength and Conditioning
International Coach and Tutor
Mindset Coach and Consultant for Body Type Nutrition
Kettlebell Adviser and training provider for FitNet Greece
Performance Coach and Tutor for PFS Cyprus
UK Rep for Russian Kettlebell World Champions IKSFA
Kettlebell Adviser to York Fitness
Kettlebell Adviser to The Foundry Training Studios
Academy Tutor and Lead weightlifting Coach for Jordan Fitness
IKSFA Kettlebell Sport Coach
3rd Dan Taekwondo
Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor
BBC Artist's Account
REPs level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
BWLA Weightlifting Instructor
Greenwood Weightlifting Instructor
NLP Master Business Practitioner
First Aid at work
British Champion
British Record Holder
World Record Holder


Getting Inside your Clients Heads




Jodie-Newell Headshot.png (1)

The Business academy has been fundamental in helping me achieve a personal training business with a service offering that is miles ahead of any other trainer in my local area. I am able to work less and earn more and attract long term clients I am passionate about supporting. The academy as got me working effectively on my business and out of my comfort zone in terms of marketing and has taught me how to use social media platforms to my advantage and how to structure the content I deliver which has directly lead to successful sales. On top of this the BTN team has taught me how to add value within what I offer allowing me to sell my product ethically and with confidence helping me establish core values and run my business with integrity.

Jodie Newell Business Graduate


After finding somewhere I could fully learn, implement and gain qualifications in nutrition, and having completed the foundation and practical academies, I was still unsure about how to go about setting up a business and going for it by myself. I had lots of questions that needed answering. I enrolled on the BTN business academy working my way through the modules. This completely changed my outlook on what I thought my business would look like and where it was going. Module by module little gems and thoughts would emerge as I went through everything from tax & setting up a company, to building a gym, online & offline marketing, social media, face to face coaching, I literally immersed myself in all of it. I can honestly say after the business course I now have a streamlined business ready to go. I am confident of success and can see the plan coming together and how it will expand in the future. If you thought you knew about where your business is going, this will make you realise where it really needs to go, and most importantly, how.

Carl Parnell Business Academy


I have picked up loads of new tips already, so really looking forward to having the right tools at the end., and the group is spot on. I'm sure everyone is still picking up something along the way from each other too.

Andrew Balcombe Business Graduate

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