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Learn nutrition from the ground up, both in theory and in a real-world environment

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Learn on desktop, mobile or tablet with our interactive and dynamic learning platform

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Be supported every step of the way with a thriving learning environment and community


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Get better results with yourself and your clients as we believe what we teach are true life skills

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A 10 module AfN and REPS Certified Course taught by Ben Coomber and Tom Bainbridge designed to give you a complete grounding in the fundamental principles of nutrition, both with the theory and the practical application of that theory.

The Foundation Academy is beautifully animated and digitally recorded and is delivered via a mobile ready education platform. The course is also accompanied by the ‘Foundations Manual’, a comprehensive course guide which expands extensively upon everything spoken about in the course videos.

This course aims to equip anyone, from the beginner to the experienced fitness enthusiast with a complete and thorough understanding of nutrition and lifestyle optimisation for the human body. The Foundation Academy also prepares you for the Practical Academy, although it is not mandatory to do the Foundation first, but it is advised to give yourself the best possible grounding before you advanced your learning.

Explore what we teach below on the course, and for a true taste of what the Foundation Academy can teach you, click below to see our course in action.​

Pay £395

Course syllabus

Throughout the Body Type Nutrition Foundation Academy’s 10 modules we will cover:

By learning the above modules on the BTN Foundation Academy, you will be taught to understand nutrition at a broad and basic level, knowing how to improve your own nutrition via an enhanced understanding of all the foundational elements that contribute towards human health. Upon passing your exam you will be sent a certificate to mark your success.

How does the course work?

The course is delivered on a mobile, tablet and desktop ready platform, so learn on the move or at home, anywhere in the world.

As part of the course you will get:

  • Access to our app and online learning platform
  • Access to our online learning community
  • 5% off any of our Business Academy modules
  • Support from the tutors 24/7
  • A full 360 page course textbook (students opting to pay £395 receive a printed hardback)
  • ‘Nutrition Advisor’ status upon completion
  • 10 CPD points*

*The BTN Foundation Academy is accredited by CPD Standards and is therefore worth 10 CPD points. To find out more, watch the video to the left by course leader Ben Coomber.

The Foundation Academy texbook

Our course textbook ‘The Foundations of Nutrition, Health and Weight Management’ which you will receive as part of the course is packed full to the brim with the science and theory of nutrition, wrapped up and summarised into the practical side of actually implementing the information. To be the best we can be we must understand the theory, but without knowing how to apply this theory, the knowledge is redundant. This course will equip you with both, so you can thrive as a result of this nutrition knowledge. With over 469 scientific references in this book, it is one of the most densely compiled nutrition books in the world, which will accompany you on your nutrition education journey with us.

This book is included in digital format in both course prices, but you will only receive a hard copy when you pay the £395 course price.

What can you do with the course?

With any course you consider you’ll likely be thinking “What do I learn on the course and what can I do with the course afterwards”. Great question.

The BTN Foundation Academy is designed for two purposes. First it is here for your own learning and to geek out on all things nutrition and lifestyle change. This course gives you credible, scientifically driven information on nutrition that you can use for yourself, and a base upon which you can build on if you wish to advise others. By completing our course you can have confidence that all information has been certified by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and REPS as being reputable and evidence based.

The BTN Foundation Academy doesn’t qualify you to be a nutritionist, it gives you the information to progress onto doing a course that can. This brings us to the second purpose of the course: to equip you with the base level knowledge to then take the BTN Practical Academy. This is a year long, broad and in-depth course on all things nutrition, and once you complete it, you will have the ability to be insured against your advice to coach others.

We believe nutrition knowledge is a powerful life skill. Take the BTN Foundation Academy to support and evolve your own understanding of food and human nutrition, or use it as a base to progress as a nutritionist with the BTN Practical Academy. Either way, upon completion you will receive a Certificate, allowing you to showcase that you have successfully passed an AfN and REPS certified nutrition course.

We've been externally verified

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This is a very thorough course that will give learners a solid foundation of nutritional basics, and how to apply these in different settings.

- Association for Nutrition Assessor

The Association for Nutrition (AfN) protects and benefits the public by defining and advancing standards of evidence-based practice across the field of nutrition and at all levels within the workforce. AfN Course Certification is a quality mark awarded to courses that meet the competence requirements for their specified sector and level. This quality assurance mark enables students, employers and the public to identify reputable, evidence-based courses in nutrition science.

Course tutors


BSc in Sports Performance and Coaching
CISSN (Certified Sports Nutritionist)
Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor
CHEK Life Coach and Nutritionist
CHEK Practitioner
Multiple short courses and seminars attended on specialist topics


All Foundation Academy calls


Diet, health, fitness and stress
Coach/PT advanced education
Performance nutrition and supplementation
Body re-composition
Gut health
Personal and professional mindset help
Mentoring on being self-employed/business owner


Level 3 PT
BTEC Diploma in Sports Performance
Bsc Health Science (Ongoing)
Level 3 Education and Training


Support for all calls


Critical thinking
Client communication
Learning strategies
General knowledge

Course pricing

Enrolment on the BTN Foundation Academy for £350 gets you access to the animated course videos and exclusive members’ area along with the course textbook in digital format. Payment of £395 will get you a hardback copy of the textbook and who doesn’t love a real printed book? If you like reading offline, annotating and making notes, then this is the option for you.

Course Foundation course with digital manual Foundation course with hard copy text book
Foundation £350 £395

Pay £395


Don't just take our word for it, here is what your students say...


Really enjoyed the course. I felt like each week once I have read the content I'm literally counting down the days until the next week’s content is released. The additional reading each week is great and really beneficial for me. I have already recommended this course to my friends and fellow personal trainers as I cannot stop speaking about it with good things to say! As someone who follows BTN on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. I feel this course is even more than what I expected with the wealth and volume of knowledge, I cannot speak highly enough of it. I also love how interactive the group is, so important for discussing each topic and expanding the conversation around it.

David Coughlan Foundation Graduate


I’m really enjoy the module videos – you have a great clear communication style when you are going through the video slides which is awesome, so easy to learn. Love the lesson notes – great information without information overload for the foundation students. Love the fact you supply additional reading with each topic – it is so great that you do not hold back information and supply endless amounts for us. The structure and reading required is manageable on a week-to-week basis. Charlotte is absolutely great and always so helpful and prompt with getting back to me/us (as I imagine she is with the rest of the group also). Highly recommended.

Gemma Donaldson Foundation Graduate

Chris-Harrison-Headshot.png (1)

Really enjoying the course. Content so far is spot on. Initially I thought it wouldn't be as detailed as it was, with it being foundation, but it's fantastic nonetheless.  Looking forward to making a start on the practical academy after!

Chris Harrison Foundation Graduate

Ellis Bailey Headshot.png

Studying nutrition on the BTN Academy is easily the best thing I've done since becoming a personal trainer. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Ellis Bailey Foundation Graduate

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