I’m on a diet, but I’m gaining weight, HELP!


I get asked a lot of questions about fat loss, training and health, especially when I am out with friends and in social situations, I reckon many of you have been in the same situation as me.

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Nutrition Science: Who’s laughing now?


I first got into nutrition just before the IIFYM movement managed to develop some real sway. This means that I joined this industry when people still HAD to eat six meals per day

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Why the fitness industry is wrong on weight loss


There’s a lot of myths and misunderstandings surrounding fat loss, body composition or weight (muscle) gain but much of this just overcomplicates it.

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How to stay motivated


When you’re trying really hard to get fit, stay fit, lose weight, transform your body, lean up it can feel like a big slog.

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How to lose fat and build muscle


I hear this question a lot, but people seem to somewhat misunderstand what they are asking for.

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8 ways to STOP yo-yo dieting


Weight loss is simple, eat less. We hear it all the time in fitness, but as we all know, it’s not as simple as that.

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Idiots guide to lean gains


Let’s face it, most people go to the gym to change the way they look and if the above aesthetic is what you desire then who am I to judge?

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How to lose weight as quickly as possible


When a person starts out to lose weight they usually have target number of some kind in sight. Usually a number on the scales or a dress size...

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10 ways to make more healthy choices


One of the biggest and most empowering lessons I have learned since the start of my journey is that if we put health first...

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Bigorexia is an issue which periodically appears in news cycles, and as it’s appeared again recently it seemed a good idea to jot down some thoughts here.

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How to start dieting


The reason I am writing a ‘diet’ blog and not addressing the concept of calories in versus calories out or macronutrient manipulation is because, as important as it is to understand these mechanisms, it’s not the most important aspect of getting started on a diet.

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Are you in the driver’s seat?


This subject more or less centres around one question – are you in charge of your own destiny?

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Its pointless being perfect


Extreme leanness and a perfect physique is totally obtainable for many, yet completely unsustainable for most.

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How to choose a nutrition coach


The answer to this might seem a bit obvious but, like in any industry, there are a lot of scheisters out there.

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Ad libitum dieting vs. tracking to get and stay lean


Most of you who read my posts will be familiar with tracking macros and the benefits of doing this in order to get lean effectively but what is ad libitum dieting?

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How to write a fitness blog


The internet is a cool place… well, sometimes… if you use it in the right way it can be a great way of helping your business to grow.

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Super Human Resilience


Keen gym goers are often pretty clued up about nutrition and supplementation, at least to some extent.

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What is added sugar?


Added sugars are sugars and syrups that are added to foods or beverages when they are processed or prepared.

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UK Nutrition courses and certifications and how to be a nutrition coach


There are many companies that offer courses on nutrition and that’s a really good thing. It’s a popular industry to be in and if anything we would like it to become more popular.

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What is takes to get the physique you want


Let's get down to the nitty gritty here and pinpoint some key fundamentals.

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Why low carb, vegan and shake diets work


The world is confused about nutrition. I teach around the world, I teach online, and I talk to A LOT of people every day, and everyone is confused when it comes to nutrition.

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Habits – Your brain vs. your mind


In order to really change or create something, however, first we must understand it.

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My transformation story by Carl Parnell


I was always chubby throughout my childhood and teenage years. My parents were amazing, but I was a picky eater and they wanted me to be happy...

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Carbs – how much is too much?


As with all things in fitness there have been many trends around carbohydrate intake over the past few years.

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Why your diet isn't working


It’s mid-February – surely the January, ‘New Year, New Me’ gym goers have faded out by now.

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5 reasons you're not losing weight


Having worked with numerous people of all shapes, sizes and ages I have identified a number of common factors that prevent people from achieving their weight loss goals.

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Batch cooking and why? Hacks to help


Whatever your goals for your fitness & health may be this year read this blog to find out one simple easy way that will help your journey and save you time and money.

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How to manipulate training and nutrition around your female cycle


Sorry fellas, this one's for the ladies but it won't do you any harm to read... As females it’s not just as simple as having a training programme and sticking to it week in week out.

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Are meal plans dead?


I swear if I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked this question I… could probably by something to the value of about £35-£40. OK that wasn’t a really exciting way to start the blog. I’m sorry, but please read it anyway.

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Are you a S.M.A.R.T. personal trainer?


Many coaches ignore blogs like this because it’s not sexy information, well guess what? It's super important, and I know you know that because that’s why you’re here.

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Are you over complicating your diet?


Nutrition and your diet, do you find it confusing? I don’t, but the reason why isn’t because I know everything there is to know.

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A note to those on a diet


With January comes new hopes, and a certain positive approach to looking forwards to the future - after all the New Year is a new cycle: a clean slate upon which we have no recorded failures, mistakes or imperfections.

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Adrenal Fatigue


Western medicine which is developed using the scientific method is, in my opinion, one of the greatest achievements we have. It’s not flawless, not by a long shot, but it’s absolutely incredible.

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The 'perfect' Christmas dinner


Instead of writing a million words telling you to suck eggs, I’ll just keep it simple to the point. Overall, I think turkey is pretty rubbish, but its Christmas so we all must bite the bullet...

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Balancing Mind and Body


What are you fears? What are your goals? Are they for you and adding to your life? What would life be like once they are achieved? Is it worth the journey invested?

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Staying Healthy at Xmas


Yes we have to understand how to get through the Xmas Season sensibly, how to be able to go out, party & have a good time whilst staying on track but also how to tackle comments & pressure from peers & family members.

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Business - Is it a dirty word in fitness?


I think it’s unhealthy to focus too much on a financial goal, but instead as a coach you should focus on ways to make your customer experience SO good...

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Stress Management


But if stress is constant, it can actually have the opposite effect. Life-stress has been shown to impair recovery from, and adaptation to training. Being stressed isn’t something that just kind of sucks, it’ll cost you your gains, bro.

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Why does nobody 'like' me?


This blog is aimed at coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists and ‘industry folk’ who write social media posts, emails and blogs with the purpose of improving their reach, getting their name out there and ultimately bringing in more clients to their personal training/coaching business.

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Do I need a vitamin and mineral supplement?


Vitamins and minerals are essential for optimum health. Humans cannot make vitamins and therefore we need to make sure that they are present in the diet.

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Race fuelling for endurance sport: A review of 3 half-iron distance races


I competed in three middle distance Half-Ironman events. The choices made when choosing a fuelling strategy for endurance racing are such a key factor in determining performance that I thought it worth sharing.

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No meat muscle: Vegetarianism and fitness


As a vegetarian if you give your body the appropriate stimulus for your chosen goal or activity and fuel your body with the right combination of nutrients then you will succeed and even excel.

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Mobility from an athletic point of view


When we talk about mobility it’s important we know exactly what we’re referring to. A very basic definition is; “the ability to move or be moved, freely and easily”.

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Common bulking mistakes


As the six pack season comes to an end once again, I feel like it’s an apt time to discuss the topic that is ‘bulking’. If you didn’t manage to sport a six pack this summer, at least you can feel comfortable about not having one now as winter approaches!

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How to sleep better


It’s safe to say you’re on the road to making gains, shredding a shed load of fat or whatever else your goal may be then, right? Maybe, maybe not. Sleep could be your missing ingredient.

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5 reasons you don't need a coach


What’s the point in getting a coach, they’ll only tell you what you already know, right? You have seen all those documentaries on Netflix and you’ve read a bunch of books including The Primal Blueprint and some really sciencey sounding stuff by Gary Taubes.

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Athleticism - A personal account


With everything we see in the media it seems we only give a shit about what matters on the outside and not so much the inside.

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The role of carbohydrates in female fat loss


Yes, carbs are still getting a bad name and there are still too many people under the belief that the way to fat loss is to reduce/ remove carbohydrates from their diet.

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Is the post workout anabolic window really a myth?


Is there actually any legitimacy to the claims of a post workout window of opportunity to maximise recovery and gains?

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Nutrition for team sports


Whether you play sport as part of a team or not, the nutrition needed to perform optimally is very much individual and comes down to no one else but yourself to nail it!

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The 3,500 calories myth


Regardless of how you spin it, we know that when stripped back to basics, fat loss comes down to consuming fewer calories than you expend.

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How to use your hands to diet


When it comes to dieting and losing fat there is no doubt that 24-hour energy balance is the key factor to consider.

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The rundown on HIIT and LISS


I´m back with my second article for BTN and today I will cover a really interesting and debatable topic – HIIT and LISS.

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Training principles for building muscle


From recreational lifter to professional, strength athlete to bodybuilder, gaining strength and causing muscular hypertrophy are both goals which will be emphasised throughout different parts of a training career.

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Diet soft drinks – Are they really that bad?


You can call them fizzy drinks, pop, soda or soft drinks – but whatever you call them, we all know that they’re not exactly classed as 'healthy', right?

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Nutrition coaching: Science or art?


In the world of internet nutrition, there seems to be two sides to the camp: one that propose nutrition coaching is a science, and the other that propose it’s an art.

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Why Calories do Count


When it comes to weight management we can be in no doubt that 24hr energy balance is the single most important factor. In other words, if the energy that you absorb from the food you digest exceeds the energy you use through activity your body will store the excess, mostly in the form of bodyfat.

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Is fruit bad for you?


Fruit has been demonised in many circles for many years, as the story goes that ‘fruit is nature’s candy’...

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Person-centered Coaching


Women are different to men in a few ways, their body structure, hormones, physiology, and the way they approach getting in to shape.

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Im very interested in optimising performance in unique ways and that's why I’m introducing myself with a blog detailing the use of dietary nitrates.

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Protein for athletes


Protein is about the one thing in nutrition that most people agree on, to some extent at-least. For years, athletes have been aware of the importance of protein for performance.

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Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a relatively common condition affecting up to around 20% of women, caused by elevated androgen levels. Risk factors include obesity, inactivity and heredity.

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Should you eat the cookie? The 2 most common flexible dieting misconceptions


Tell me I'm not allowed to eat cookies... and I'm gonna eat a cookie.

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Reply to recent accusations of BTN Academy


Recent communications online have intimated that Body Type Nutrition (BTN) has been dishonest in selling its course ‘The BTN Academy’ and giving out false information.

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Protein comes from the Greek word 'protos' which means 'first', and is an essential nutrient (we really can't live without this bad boy). We can find protein in foods such as animal products, nuts and beans and it also contains 4 calories per gram.

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We don't just want it, we want it now


In the modern world, instant gratification is no longer the desirable ideal, it is the norm. From where you sit, you can watch almost anything ever recorded at the click of a mouse...

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Photoshoot, Physique Competition or Both?


One of my passions as a coach is to help clients improve their self esteem by encouraging weight training and healthy eating as a means of improving confidence and body composition.

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Putting the funk back Into functional training


Yes that's a terrible title and a little misleading because I'm not about to tell you how to incorporate Bootsy Collins baselines into a TRX session.

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Success - How do we measure it?


Recently I’ve come across a lot of people measuring themselves against others-in the gym, online, everywhere…

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Fat adaptation for endurance performance, is it a thing?


There’s been quite a bit of debate in the world of endurance sport over the past few years about whether or not a high fat low carb diet is better for endurance performance due to increased fat oxidation.

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Is the WAY you eat making you fat?


Thanks to the internet, courses such as the BTN Academy and a rising national interest in health and nutrition, we are all pretty educated these days...

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Gluten – what the gut is going on?


Much has been written about gluten over the years, especially since the rise of the Paleo Diet which has infiltrated not only the health and fitness realm but the general population, too.

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Goal setting, how to stay motivated in your diet and training


When it comes to starting your goal there’s never a right time. There’s never a time when it’s going to be ‘best’ to start your diet, get leaner, get in shape.

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The Bruce Lee approach to dieting


Bruce Lee is probably one of the most iconic figures of our time. His movies are legendary and he is credited with bridging some of the cultural gap which existed in America by being the first person to openly accept white Americans into his martial arts classes.

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Body Type Nutrition Academy student feedback


If you’re considering the Body Type Nutrition Academy, you need to read this blog.

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5 Reasons you should be deadlifting


There’s a load of stuff that’s been written about deadlifts over the years, some good and some not so good.

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These benefits aren't just physical


When we think about exercising, the gym, good food and anything else training related we tend to be rather narrow-minded and just think of the physical changes to a person and forget the profound effects which exercise can have on your mental health.

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3 Gym Myths that need to die


Lifting weights and improving a physique has to be one of the most confusion - riddled pastimes on the planet. I’d like to say that this is in spite of the vast amount of information available to the modern day gym goer, but unfortunately I suspect that it is in fact because of it.

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Nutrition and mountain bikes? Don’t make me laugh!


I’ve been a big fan of cycling all my life. The best Xmas present I ever received was my first BMX and I don’t think anything in my life has ever improved upon that emotional high I experienced as a 10-year-old boy.

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Like a drink??


When I’m coaching one of the main obstacles I find a lot of my clients face is that they enjoy drinking alcohol.

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"I’m just not supposed to lose fat!"


As a coach, these things are repeated to me and a lot of my peers just about every day - everyone is a unique and delicate little flower, just like their mother told them.

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Who are you doing it for?


Is peer pressure getting to you? What can we do when you have firmly established what your goals but peer pressure gets in the way?

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Are your friends holding you back?


When it comes to setting goals and aiming for improvements in any aspect of one’s life it is often necessary to make some sacrifices.

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Assessing and correcting running and sprinting techniques


It’s January and a lot of us are hitting the pavements or the hills, but have you ever considered what you look like or feel like when you run...

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Understanding water retention


By the time this blog goes out I expect you’ll be well into your weight training, running regime or whatever you’ve decided is your activity of choice...

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A coach is only as successful as their clients


In recent times in the health and fitness space there has been a strong evolution and focus towards evidence based practice towards nutrition and training.

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Do you take the blue pill, or the red pill?


"You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland..."

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Vanity is not a curse, but a gift


Everyone want's to look good naked, and of course in clothes, but we all want to look back in the mirror at something we are proud of and happy to flaunt.

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