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This is your chance to work with me, Ben Coomber, for the next 8 weeks and completely change the way you look, feel and perform. Are you ready to burn fat, build muscle, change your habits and get into the best shape you’ve been in for years... And maintain it?

The next group starts on September 15th, so be sure to place your name on the waiting list by emailing charlotte@bodytypenutrition.co.uk to secure one of 50 coaching places.

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Fat Loss for Life takes a keen group of men and women committed to change. Regardless of your fat loss or health goals, whatever your age, Fat Loss for Life aims to transform you over the course of 8 weeks, educate you so these results continue and it’s the last diet you ever go on. During the process, you will gain a deep understanding of what you need to do to change, how and why to eat, what training to do for your goals, how to shift your mindset and be supported every step of the way by Ben. We’ll work on identifying the problem areas, work with you to change those, look to change your mindset towards food, teach you all the areas of sustainable dieting and training required for your future success, nourish you and your needs and inspire you to achieve your goals. This program will change your life, if you allow it to and you allow yourself too.