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What is Fat Loss for Life?

Fat Loss for Life could change your life, if you let it, if you are willing to change, and ready to accept that the old approach is no longer working, and a new approach is needed.

How long have you been trying to build your dream body, to lose weight, feel amazing, feel in control of food and not have food control you, feel great about your who you are, look and feel athletic, be in a place where you exude confidence, and glow with energy? Months, years, 10 years, longer?

It’s time for change, and we can help…  

What you can expect from Fat Loss for Life?

  • To lose the weight you’ve been trying to lose for years
  • To feel energised and alive EVERY day
  • To reveal an athletic and strong body
  • To love food and be in control of your eating habits
  • To be strong of body and mind
  • To find balance and sustainability with your diet
  • To know what to do long after Fat Loss for Life is over
  • To be educated along the way to sustain your results
  • To be confident with your body now, and in the future

Get the same life changing results the people below have...

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Are you ready to get the body you have always wanted?

Fat Loss for Life could change your life if you allow it to and make the commitment go ‘all in’ for the next 12 weeks with me, Ben Coomber.

FLFL isn’t just a diet. it’s not something you do for 12 weeks then leave it – it should change you, for life. This is why it is called Fat Loss for Life. It is my personal mission to make sure you don’t go back to your old ways after the 12 weeks, and I won’t fail you, if you commit to investing time in yourself to make the changes needed.

You will get a diet plan, training plans (only if you want one, feel free to follow the current training you already do), support, help, resources, and a buzzing community of people on the same journey as you. Sure you’ll get the tools you need like a diet and training plan, BUT it is also my aim to help you to change your habits, educate you every step of the way, and inspire you to fully reach your potential.

Everyone has the potential to be great, to live their best life, and look AWESOME doing it, and therein lies my aim in Fat Loss for Life.

What happens during Fat Loss for Life?

During FLFL you will gain a deep understanding of what you need to do change, what you need to implement moving forwards, and how living a lean life looks and feels long term. It is important you understand that there is only so much of the work we can do for you. We can give you the tools to change, we can help inspire you to change, but only you can want it and put in the work required to change. We am not here to spoon feed you diet plans, please know that, we are here to show you the way, empower you to make these changes, inspire you to want to change, not just now, but long term, for life.

Throughout FLFL we work on identifying problem areas and how to alter those with tips and strategies, we’ll look to change your mind-set towards food and teach you all about sustainable dieting, and what training is required for your future success in a manageable and balanced way. 

Put simply, this isn’t a ‘plan’ that you might follow for 3-6 weeks while you feel motivated. FLFL is much more than that, it’s your future of eating, moving and thinking.

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Fat Loss for Life works in 3 key phases. Month one, we get on it, motivation and the desire to change is high so we use that energy to create a diet plan, a recipe book for your personal likes and needs, design a weekly exercise schedule, work out some simple habit changes, and get cracking to initiate some rapid fat loss.

Phase 2 is then, for many, the most important phase. Phase 2, Mind Power, is where we learn how to have the many shifts that are needed in our mind-set to ensure we change long term. Many people will feel they don’t deserve success, or fear failure, or have problematic environments that they feel hold them back. Thus, the focus of phase 2 is all about a serious mind-set shift, looking to develop a healthy mind and health habits in our environment so we don’t lose focus, sabotage our results, or slip into our old ways. 

Phase 3 is then about sustainability and developing you as the athlete. Everyone has an inner athlete, and FLFL aims to peel it back and reveal it. Whether you see yourself as an athlete or not, it’s time to treat your body like one. Feeding yourself for performance, how to make the body work optimally, recovering from exercise effectively, advancing your body composition, and more. It’s also the job of Phase 3 to teach you how to continue your results long after FLFL, and to achieve great things with your body long term. 

What do others say?

One of the amazing parts of FLFL that you won’t get on any other fat loss program is that you don’t only get taught and inspired by Ben Coomber and his team, you get inspired and spurred on by past FLFL members. Sometimes the most powerful realisations come from your peers, and throughout the journey on FLFL you’ll get stories, advice and hacks from past members, guest coaches, and others that can inspire thought and create change. In fact, while we’re on the topic, click the video to hear from a member now and what they think of FLFL.

You’ve seen all the amazing before and after photos from Fat Loss for Life, and you’ve heard from one of our past members, what about seeing what people think, feel, and have experienced as a result of the program? People rave about fat Loss for life, and if you don’t believe us, here’s the plethora of screen shots we have of people raving about Fat Loss for Life, just click on the quote to the right to read them all…

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We'll make it as easy as possible

It’s important for this process to be as simple as possible, and with modern technology and the power of apps and Facebook, easy as pie is what you’ll get.

Throughout FLFL we’ll use 2 key apps that will help us plan, track and build our approach throughout the 3 phases, all while supporting the process on our 3 phased Facebook groups. Each phase will see you in a different Facebook group, this way you’ll be working with Ben & his team of incredible BTN coaches on that specific part of your journey, then ending up in our Fat Loss for Life community, which you can stay in… for life.

See, told you this isn’t just a diet, we’re here for you now... and forever.

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What do you get with Fat Loss for Life?

  • A diet plan for your weight loss goals and needs (FLFL is also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people with special dietary requirements)
  • Training plans for all 3 phases (you are given options to suit your goals and needs and taught how to exercise for your goals, feel free to also follow a training plan you already have from your coach or gym and to just follow the diet aspect of FLFL)
  • Live weekly coaching Q&As in the private Facebook group
  • Weekly resources to explain what we are doing and why
  • Access to a private Facebook community where we chat daily throughout all 3 phases
  • Regular emails with education, inspiration and motivation
  • Access to Ben and his team 24/7 in the Facebook groups
  • Access to a tracking module so you can keep a track on your results
  • Access to recipes and ideas to keep things interesting and inspiring  
  • Free digital copy of Ben’s book ‘The Nutrition Blueprint’
  • Free digital copy of Ben’s Cook book, ‘The BTN Cookbook’
  • Discount codes for use whilst on the programme with recommended products and companies

Why you can trust this program will work for you?

So, you’ve kind of got an idea of what Fat Loss for Life is about, but you’re sitting on the fence, you’re not 100% sure yet. And I get it, I do, it’s a commitment, but also how do you know this program will be different to all the others, and the results last?

For this very reason I want to show you the trust others have put in me, and where my advice, help and work has got me over the years. Over my 11 years coaching people to better fitness, health and weight I’ve accumulated a lot of success and been recognised by some of the biggest health and fitness companies and magazines in the world, why?

Because what I do works. I have the UK’s #1 rated health and fitness podcast on iTunes and top 10 in the world, I speak at all the major UK health and fitness expos as a headline speaker, have consulted for O2, Sky TV and Twinnings Tea, I have featured in all the major UK magazines, and I have accumulated over 150,000 followers across social media that trust in what I do and follow my work. Add this to the fact I’m a certified nutritionist (BSc, CISSN) and personal trainer and am in a position where I train other coaches to do what I do via our online nutrition education courses and my public speaking. Thus, I’d like to think that this program, if you go ‘all in’, can work for you and what it is you’re looking to achieve, just like it has for 1000s before you.

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Why choose Fat Loss for Life?

I used to be a 16-stone obese man myself, so I know what it feels like to be a bigger person, and my journey to fit, healthy and empowered is what led me to become a coach myself. After the struggles I had to then finding the right information, which led me to lose an incredible 4 stone in the space of 4 months, and over time reach a new weight of 10.5 stone, I was converted, this was the life for me, I decided MUST teach others this information and change other people’s lives. 

I then went on over time to build an athletic and strong body and now sit at 13.5 stone, maintaining a healthy 11-14% body fat %, and feel AWESOME every day. 

Since then, lots of 1-2-1 coaching, and then online coaching since 2009, I have helped 1000’s of people succeed in achieving their goals personally, and 1,000’s more indirectly (via my work in general, and the podcast which has now been downloaded 3.5 million times). I now want to pass on this expertise, to you, so you can get the same life changing results I and many others have had. Are you ready? 

What does Fat Loss for Life need from you?

All I ask for in this program is your commitment to change. Not for me, but for yourself because after all, this program is for YOU. I can give you all the tools in the world, the best diet, the best training program, the best support – but you must be willing and ready to accept change, and be willing to make the changes, not just for 4-6 weeks, but for life. This applies to your environment and your habits, which are currently not serving you in a positive way. And, importantly, you will need to let go of the things that are currently holding you back. If you feel you can do that and be open to whatever this change brings about for you, then I can be your guide throughout this life changing journey.

How much is FLFL?

Fat Loss for Life is ONLY £147 in total for the whole 3 month program. This is either payable up front in one payment or in three instalments of £49 per month. Once you sign up you will receive an email with the instructions for your next steps to start the program, and then we’re off to a flying start.