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An Intermediates Guide to Lifting Weights

Been training in the gym a while, but want better results?

Want to be bigger, stronger and more able? Maybe you’ve used our Beginners Guide to Lifting for 12 weeks and now want to progress beyond that? Let this book be your guide to getting to the next level in the gym. 

What is the next step in the gym, 5x5, a traditional body building split, upper lower split, how do you factor in cardio, what rep ranges are best, how often can I train? All this is covered, and more, all wrapped up into a 6-month done for you training plan.

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An Intermediates Guide to Lifting Weights

What you will learn

You have been in the gym for a little while now, you’ve earnt your first few gym stripes, you’ve nailed the basic lifts and how simple programming looks, it’s time to advance that and show you how training programs need to be planned and evolved as you are now officially an intermediate lifter.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to advance your training
  • Goal tracking  
  • Models of progression
  • Exercise selection and building the plan
  • Managing multiple goals
  • Reps & sets for maximum results
  • Volume and intensity methods
  • How nutrition affects your results
  • Supplement advice
  • A 6 month training plan 

No stone is left unturned in this book in building you up to be an intermediate level gym goer, getting you bigger, stronger and more able in the gym, resulting in you looking MORE awesome. If you are ready to take your training to the next level, or get more focused with your training, then The Intermediate Guide to Lifting is perfect for you.

Written by Ben Coomber and Tom Bainbridge

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