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The Nutritional Blueprint

Want to learn how to build a diet for yourself, personalise it, and achieve your weight loss, health and performance goals?

The Nutritional Blueprint is Ben’s brain as a coach in a book, it’s a complete self-help guide to nailing your nutrition and reaching your goals. For people that like to go it alone, for those who can’t afford, or don’t want a coach, or simply want to learn more about nutrition, this book is perfect.

Understand food, how much to eat, how to balance it for more energy, how to improve sleep, how to prepare and succeed with a diet and your goals, and much more.


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The Nutritional Blueprint

What you will learn

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain or an increase in performance, this guide will take you there by optimising all the fundamental areas of nutrition and lifestyle management. It includes tracking sheets and printouts to ensure you reach your goals in the fastest, most efficient way possible with all the right resources.

In this do it yourself nutrition guide you will be able to:

  • Assess your nutritional requirements
  • Learn what food is healthy
  • What food works for your energy system
  • How your lifestyle impacts your results
  • How to track your diet and your progress
  • What foods to avoid
  • Stress management
  • The best snacks to eat
  • How to build a meal
  • What each of the macronutrients mean and how much you need
  • What supplements to take
  • And much more…

Understand what to eat, why, and achieve your goals with The Nutritional Blueprint.

Written by Ben Coomber and Tom Bainbridge

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