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The Sports Nutrition Blueprint

Are you looking to take your nutrition, body composition and performance to the next level?

Have you read our Nutritional Blueprint and want to advance your diet to support your recovery, performance and body composition, and get better results? Then the Sports Nutrition Blueprint is perfect for you as the athlete, weekend warrior, keen gym goer, or real nutrition geek.

This book will teach you all the diet, lifestyle and performance techniques to perform and recover at the highest level. We take dietary management, stress management, sleep management, body composition enhancement and more to the next level, taking your understanding and implementation to the nth degree. If you want advanced, this book is it.

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The Sports Nutrition Blueprint

What you will learn

As an athlete, gym goer, weekend warrior, or sports player, you need the best nutrition possible. How should you cycle your calorie intake, what should your macronutrient split be, should you eat more of certain foods, how do you need to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate your training, how do you optimise recovery, what performance tweaks can you make, what supplements should you use to support your training goals, what hydration strategies should you consider for longer training sessions, it’s all important, and this book teaches you it all.

  • Advanced nutritional assessment
  • Assess your energy requirements for different training
  • Learn and build the nutrition pyramid
  • What food works for your energy systems
  • Advanced calorie distribution and cycling
  • How to track your diet and your guarantee progress
  • Carbohydrate loading
  • Calorie and micronutrient tracking
  • Making sports nutrition convenient
  • Batch cooking strategies
  • Gadgets to use to enhance your training and lifestyle
  • What supplements to take for recovery and performance
  • How to be an athlete in all walks of life
  • Advanced stress management
  • Keeping performance high while wanting to lose body fat
  • And much more…

Written by Ben Coomber and Tom Bainbridge

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